Illuminate The Night

Spring is here and summer is near which means it’s time to gather all of your outdoor entertaining gear. As warmer temperatures roll in and parties on the patio begin, we often think about tables, chairs, grills and more. It’s easy to forget about the one thing that keeps the party going: outdoor lights.

A New View

A typical two-story, four-bedroom home has more than 20 windows. That much light pouring into a house can be a bright and beautiful thing, but it can also mean less privacy, faded floors and furniture and glares when you’re trying to watch TV.

Fantastic Floors

“Oops!” That’s a word that we hate to hear around the house. Spills and splashes, mud and messes, children and pets and the wrath of Mother Nature can throw enough mayhem to floor most of us. In our homes, it’s the floors that suffer. Upgrading your floors can breathe new life into your home by providing protection and comfort to…