Get an insider peek at the cabin of Marie, the welcoming face and voice of YMCA Camp Campbell Gard (CCG). CCG was founded in 1926 in Hamilton and today operates year-round, uniting people of all ages through outdoor fun and teamwork.

1. The House Cup

Each summer, campers engage in friendly competition to win The House Cup. Campers are split into four teams named after historical figures who were instrumental in contributing to the beautiful YMCA Camp Campbell Gard (CCG) of today.

2. Horse Bridle & Boots

CCG is home to about 30 horses each summer, allowing campers a chance to ride. At Horse Camp, campers experience a deep immersion with horses and also get to enjoy traditional camp activities.

3. Paddle

CCG is situated along the Great Miami River where campers get to experience canoeing and kayaking.

4. Helmet & Carabiner

All summer campers have the opportunity to experience CCG’s thrilling zipline. High ropes courses are also available for private groups and retreats.

5. Flo the Ferret

Flo is one of twenty animals housed in the CCG Nature Center, providing campers personal interaction with and the opportunity to care for unique animals.

6. Bow & Arrow

Archery is a staple within the camping community and helps teach campers the sport in a safe environment that promotes a skill and builds self-esteem.

7. Rock & Friendship Bracelet

CCG has a wonderful arts and crafts program, giving campers the ability to express their creativity. The friendship bracelet represents the special bonds built between campers.

8. Salad & Bowl

CCG promotes healthy eating and limiting waste while adhering to special dietary restrictions as needed. This bowl is the last piece remaining from the original dishware from 1926.