A Handcrafted Culinary Experience 11

Fresh Local Food From a Fresh Local Chef

Picture this: as you push through a wooden door, you are greeted by a warmly lit dining room complete with a rustic fireplace. Another door leads to a bright garden patio with glowing string lights hanging above. You hear clinking glasses as a bottle of wine is being poured and the scent of fresh soup, made from scratch, drifts in from the kitchen.

This is how every guest is greeted at The Coach House, a hidden secret atop the hills of Hamilton, Ohio, in Butler County. Located within Berkley Square, the destination offers a complete culinary experience where its charming and vintage past is married with fresh modern trends.

Whether you consider yourself a foodie, a wine connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates a quality meal and entertainment, a seat at one of The Coach House’s tables is an experience you don’t want to miss. Bringing creative flare to the growing Hamilton foodscape, the restaurant’s emphasis on hand-crafted cuisine is distinctive.

“We designed our restaurant with a focus on local flavors and community connectivity,” says Danielle Webb, who serves as the Vice President of Marketing for Community First Solutions, The Coach House’s non-profit parent organization.

With seasonal, locally-sourced fare and a wide selection of craft beers and wines, The Coach House successfully creates an atmosphere that fuses fun and sophistication. The experience is anchored by Executive Chef Jared Whalen and his carefully crafted dishes.

A Butler County native, Whalen graduated from the New England Culinary Institute before beginning his career at the former Cincinnati favorite, The Maisonnette, working alongside renowned celebrity chef Jean-Robert de Caval. Whalen continued to work with de Caval in developing a restaurant empire until Whalen’s desire to bring five-star service to his hometown led him back to Hamilton.

Whalen isn’t just a chef in the basic sense of the word; he’s a culinary craftsman, building layer upon layer in each of his dishes. His integrity as a chef is validated by the fact that nearly everything he serves is fresh and handmade, from pasta to beer cheese and beyond. The menu, which is skillfully crafted and updated by Whalen as the seasons change, offers traditional dishes with a modern twist–from pan seared salmon served atop quinoa and oyster mushrooms to the truly cutting-edge duck sloppy joe complete with secret sauce. The restaurant hosts daily specials, usually one at lunch and two at dinner, which gives Whalen creative freedom to keep up with current trends while providing guests with something new each day. His passion remains evident in his daily preparations, which begin early in the morning and continue until the dinner rush slows and he is able to walk the floor to greet guests.

A guest’s experience flows out of the kitchen throughout the rest of The Coach House. Manager of Restaurant Operations Matt Taggart brings a rich wine background to the establishment. The restaurant houses wine lockers with top-quality wines at affordable prices and features monthly wine tastings. The wine culture is so strong that many wine clubs enjoy hosting meetings and events on the property. Taggart is known to infuse his own bourbons and concoct unique drink specials.

The Coach House also features monthly beer tastings, an annual Thanksgiving feast, and live music every Saturday evening, a popular event that keeps guests coming back for weekly dancing.

“We want guests to feel special. We want to create a total culinary experience–from the seasonally inspired menu to the personalized service. Hosting events, whether a private function or a holiday meal, is an important part of building relationships with our diners,” Webb reflects. “When you can get people to come together and celebrate, that’s what I think we do best here.”

While everyone who visits The Coach House enjoys the perks of personalized services and thoughtful hospitality, there are added perks for members. For $120 per year, membership is an affordable luxury. Member preferences are tracked closely so that staff can tailor every detail of the dining experience. Members also receive perks such as wine premiums, monthly food exclusives and drink offers.

There is five-star level cuisine in our back yard and The Coach House staff is excited to share it. For additional information or to make a reservation, go online or call 513-856-7899. CoachHouseTavern.com or OpenTable.com