Hilltop Provides Women The Care They Deserve

Women are given the ability to give the gift of life, but in order to do so they must first care for the life that they live. The physicians at Hilltop Obstetrics and Gynecology understand the complexities of women’s health and strive to provide every woman with the personal care she deserves.

Located in West Chester, with additional offices in Lebanon and Middletown, Hilltop is a standout in its field. For nearly 30 years, this independent, private practice has been faithfully serving patients and encouraging the healthiest living.

“Every patient is treated as an individual and their care is tailored based on their personal medical history, prior surgeries, family history risk assessment and environment conditions…meaning no treatment fits all,” explains Dr. Juan Reina, who joined the Hilltop family in 2008.

In the dynamic field of women’s healthcare, Hilltop’s physicians pride themselves in their board-certified status and staying current with the ever-changing treatments and procedures as they become available.

“Our patients love the fact that it is our priority to provide access to healthcare services that are appropriate and best to meet their specific needs,” Reina continues.

Hilltop encourages patients of all ages to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet, routine aerobic exercise and avoidance or cessation of harmful habits. Special care is given to promote healthy initiatives by giving advice and recommendations during both prenatal care and annual examination visits.

“When women get to be over 40, we make sure we stress that it’s time for a yearly mammogram, and if they’re over 50 to add a colonoscopy to that,” says Dr. Rhonda Washington, who has been part of the Hilltop family since 2013.

While each physician on Hilltop’s team is highly-skilled, it isn’t just medical knowledge that makes Hilltop unique. Their offices feel homey and welcoming by the tight-knit bonds that are formed between each staff member.

“A lot of people work together, but as for their relationship outside of the office, some groups never socialize or see each other and that’s very different with us. A lot of practices say they’re a family but we really are,” Washington explains. “We vacation together and spend time outside of the office with each other.”

The familial feeling is felt by all, which is appropriate given that they are assisting women in birthing new life. There are many birthing options for women to consider, but thanks to Hilltop’s partnership with Atrium Medical Center, a new option is now available through the Natural Beginnings Birth Center.

Natural Beginnings is a natural-birth delivery program for low-risk pregnant women, meaning medication is not used to aid during the birth. Through Natural Beginnings, patients participate in orientation with labor and delivery nurses as well as education on natural childbirth. It is the only center of its type in the Greater Cincinnati area. Janna Rhoden was one Hilltop patient who opted for the natural option this year with the birth of her first daughter, Charlotte.

“When [my daughter] was born and I picked her up, she was very alert and looking right at me,” Rhoden recalls. “The epidurals affect the baby too,” which is one of the reasons Rhoden opted for a natural delivery.

Women who have a high-risk pregnancy are not eligible to deliver in the Natural Beginnings center, but that does not mean they cannot have a natural childbirth. Anyone considering natural childbirth should prepare and attend one of many birthing class options at Natural Beginnings. Through the program, Rhoden received all the necessary education to be fully comforted and prepared for her natural birth plan, as well as the high-quality attention and care that Hilltop is known for.

“Dr. Washington is the one who delivered my daughter and she is just wonderful,” Rhoden smiles. “She was very kind and compassionate, and I just had a great experience with her.”

Hilltop strives to provide this positive experience for each patient who walks through the door. After all, one of their main goals is to keep women healthy through personal care. HilltopOBGYN.com