MidPointe Library Makes Summer Reading Fun

Don’t close your books just because school is out. This summer, MidPointe Library West Chester is again offering its exciting Summer Reading Program. With a new online component and additional programming, there is something for all ages at the library.

Beginning June 1, children and teens who participant in the Summer Reading Program will log their reading minutes in order to achieve various levels. Each level offers prizes, including a chance to win a grand prize for top readers. New this year, participants now have the new option to log their hours online through the library’s website.

The 2017 Summer Reading Program theme is “Build a Better World,” and in addition to logging reading hours, participants gain access to programs including Escape the Room games, gardening activities, makerspaces, animal presentations and more. These programs are free to the public, though most require tickets that you can pick up at the library in advance.

“We have a creative activity with recycling, some Pokémon-Go Walks, a puppet workshop, all in addition to regular programs like our Bricks and Blocks Club,” says Sharon Kolatalo, the Youth Services Team Leader.

Not only does MidPointe offer reading programs for school-age children and teens, but also for preschoolers and infants. Although they’re too young to read, these children benefit from having books read to them.

“For the littlest ones, the books read to them by mom or dad, grandpa or grandma…count toward their reading log,” says Cari Hillman, Public Relations Manager for the MidPointe Library System.

Hillman points out that as participants strive to get to the next level of prizes, they are also combatting the “summer slump,” a documented reduction in reading comprehension that many students show when they return to school after the summer vacation. Summer reading programs make reading fun, but also keep children on track for the next school year.

MidPointe also offers programming for adults, encouraging them to read and explore the library. And yes, adults compete for summer reading prizes as well. As Hillman says, “Why let the kids have all the fun? Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for doing something good?”

One of the unique reasons why MidPointe’s reading program is successful is the many teen volunteers who staff programming during the summer. Last year 655 volunteer hours were logged by teen volunteers, and this summer promises to have high involvement once again. MidPointe’s Summer Reading Program truly has something for everyone.

“This is your library,” Kolatalo says. “Come see all it has to offer!”

For those who are eager to get started before the June 1 kick-off, a special passport of activities will be available May 18-31 to prepare for summer reading.

To participate in the program, go online or visit the Children’s Desk at MidPointe Library West Chester. MidpointeLibrary.org