Go Green 3

For Spring Cleaning, Think Green

Ah, the signs of spring: chirping birds, budding trees, warm breezes and the refreshing smell of…cleaning product fumes?! The environment doesn’t have to suffer through a toxic March scrub down for a thorough cleaning. When it’s time for spring cleaning, it’s time to think green.

Green Clean

Chemical-based cleaners can cause skin irritations and rashes, dry and cracking hands and fingers and have even been known to induce asthma, especially in young children. Many top-selling brands that fill store shelves include chemicals that just aren’t safe for our environment or bodies. Many labels seem designed to mislead consumers.

Navigating the world of eco-friendly products can be confusing. Rita McCormack and Tara Root, local distributors for the Shaklee Company, offer their tips for natural products that help make a difference for people and the planet.

“We were green before green was popular,” says McCormack. Together, these two experts have a combined 33 years of using Shaklee’s environmentally friendly products.

“Most people don’t think twice about what kind of cleaning products they are spraying all around our plants, pets and children,” Root says. She recommends Shaklee’s Get Clean Starter Kit.

“The kit contains everything you need to clean your home without all of the unsafe elements that many of our children and family members are allergic to,” she explains. “If you use these natural products on an ongoing basis you will notice the changes in the way you feel.”

One of the reasons McCormack was led to explore eco-friendly products was her husband’s life-long battle with eczema.

“I removed our family’s favorite fabric detergent and replaced it with Shaklee’s Fresh Laundry detergent and bio-degradable fabric softener sheets without him knowing,” McCormack says. “One day he told me that he wasn’t as itchy as usual. Then I told him about the switch.” She knew she’d found products that worked.

McCormack especially endorses the all-purpose cleaner in the Starter Kit, Basic H2. She uses Basic H2 to cut grease, eliminate pet odors, and clean dirt and grime.

“When it says ‘all-purpose,’ it means it cleans it all,” she says. “It even cleans wine off of my white couch!”

Clean Living

Root, Senior Distributor for the Shaklee Company, doesn’t only use natural products to clean her home, she also uses eco-friendly products to clear toxins from her body. The Shaklee Company has been a world leader in multivitamins for more than 100 years. Root sees the Shaklee products as a means to clean living, inside and out.

“We promote keeping our bodies healthy and clean as we keep our homes healthy and clean,” Root says.

For whole health, McCormack and Root enjoy the Shaklee Life Plan, which includes nutritional supplements in daily vitamin packs and protein-packed energizing shake mixes in a variety of tasty flavors.

“The Life Plan is the most comprehensive plan out on the market today,” McCormack says. “Shaklee is unique in that it is recognized as a whole food supplement company. The Life Plan holds 35 patents and is 100% natural. That’s no artificial anything. No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors—all natural. It’s gluten free, lactose free and Kosher,” she adds.

The founder of the company, Dr. Forrest Shaklee put health first. “Dr. Shaklee based the company on the principle that the closer you live to the earth, the healthier you will be,” McCormack explains.

“On the vitamins, I notice a difference in my energy, sleep and how I concentrate on a daily basis,” she says. “My blood pressure is low, my immune system is strong. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been!”

“My whole family uses Shaklee,” Root says. “I feel good when I wake up—I don’t have any aches or pains that other women my age experience. I have more energy than most of my friends.”

“Shaklee even stands behind its products with a money-back guarantee,” says Root.

McCormack adds, “I am proud to represent this company. These products are truly good and safe for you and your family. Shaklee products clean the toxins out of your environment as well as the toxins in your body with the Life Plan and Get Clean products.”

As the landscape greens up this month, go green for the health of your home and body.