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Lyons & Lyons’ Homegrown Law Team

Think of all that has changed in West Chester and Liberty Township over the last thirty years. The farms gave way to homes, turning the rural landscape to a series of well-kept, family-friendly subdivisions. One large high school budded into two. The Union Centre exit in West Chester brought commerce and development to the area. Recently, Liberty Center has made Liberty Township a regional shopping and entertainment destination. Over the last three decades, streets have been widened and renamed. Businesses have come and gone. Nearly everything has changed.

One constant in town is the law firm of Lyons & Lyons. Since the time when the area was populated with more barns than homes, the family practice has been defending the rights of local residents.

“We aren’t doing much differently than we did thirty years ago,” Founder Rob Lyons says. “I’ve always wanted to help people in my hometown, and that’s what we’ve done. Maybe we used to represent more farmers than we do now, but not much else has changed.”

Lyons, who has served as a Judge in Butler County Area I Court for seventeen years, began practicing law in the early 1980s. He opened his first local law office in 1983, and in 1991 he opened Lyons & Lyons. The firm offers a wide range of legal services—everything from estate planning to medical malpractice claims to defense of those charged with Operating a Vehicle Impaired and Driving Under the Influence (OVI/DUI).

Lyons followed his father Robert into law. The elder Lyons was an entrepreneur, attorney and animal enthusiast. He was a champion for the Cincinnati Zoo and at one time the president of the Cincinnati Zoo Safari Club. Late in his career, when he could have rested after a lifetime of accomplishment, Robert practiced law with his son at Lyons & Lyons. He retired in 2004 and passed away in 2013.

The inclination toward family continues to this day, as the firm’s newest attorney is Judge Lyons’ daughter. Kara Lyons joined the family business in November of last year, with an eye toward helping older West Chester and Liberty Township residents. Her practice focuses on wills, trusts and elder law. According to Kara, her role at the firm fulfills a lifelong dream of becoming an attorney.

“I’ve always been interested in the law,” she says. “But more than anything I wanted to help people. I remember seeing people thank my father or ask him for advice, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Often times business and loved ones don’t mix, but not so in the case of Lyons & Lyons. Both Rob and Kara speak highly of working together so closely.

“Working with my dad has been great. He knows so much, it’s like having a law encyclopedia at my fingertips,” Kara explains.

Rob echoes her positive sentiments. “It has been wonderful, working with Kara. My dad and I had a great working relationship that helped us build an even stronger friendship, and Kara and I are building the same thing.”

From the start, Judge Lyons has made an effort to make the practice a community cornerstone. He coached wrestling in the Lakota district for 18 years.  The name Lyons & Lyons is emblazoned across dozens of youth sports uniforms every year. The deep community roots at the firm extend beyond Rob and Kara Lyons. The firm includes a former local police officer and a lifelong West Chester resident.

“Everyone who works here either lives or grew up around Lesourdsville-West Chester Road,” Judge Lyons says. “We’re as homegrown as you can get.”

Lyons & Lyons has been a trusted area fixture through thirty years of growth and change in West Chester and Liberty Township. They plan on helping their neighbors with their legal needs for at least thirty more.