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Liberty Center Foundation Gives Change to Six Local Organizations

While we shop and dine at Liberty Center, we can make a difference. All we have to do is park our vehicle in one of the 204 best parking spots at the mall—the street spots with Change for Charity parking meters. Managed by the Liberty Center Foundation, Change for Charity collects parking meter fees to contribute to six local charities each year.

Change for Charity features each selected beneficiary for a two-month span. Funds collected from designated parking meters during those months are donated to the organization. During its allotted time, the charity is promoted on the property via LED screens, signage and online at the Liberty Center website.

“The beneficiaries were chosen by board members of the Liberty Center Foundation,” explains Kevin Cedik, General Manager of Liberty Center. “These six groups are making a significant impact on our community, and we are happy to support their causes.”

Annie Droege, Director of EDGE Teen Center, one of the organizations benefiting from Change for Charity, states it well. “We are so grateful for the support of Liberty Center. Not only does it help us continue our effective work with teens, but also inspires us to offer volunteer services back to them.”

The 2016 charities chosen by Liberty Center Foundation are esteemed in the Cincinnati area, and have excellent reputations for being effective in the work they conduct. Here’s a brief look at each group selected to receive support from the Change for Charity parking meters.

Dragonfly Foundation

The Dragonfly Foundation is a local grassroots organization that offers support to cancer and bone marrow transplant patients from birth to age 30, as well as their family members and caregivers. Dedicated to enhancing quality of life, the charity offers a range of gifts and services to help alleviate the emotional, physical and financial burdens of such diagnoses.

Reach Out Lakota

For those in need who live in West Chester and Liberty Township, help and hope come in Reach Out Lakota’s monthly distribution of over 18,000 pounds of food and 4,000 pounds of dry goods. In addition, the charity initiates three annual programs to address holiday and back-to-school needs. The organization is designed to promote self-sufficiency by requiring its clients to take educational courses.

Talbert House

Talbert House is a community network of services available to children, adults and families. Its focus is to promote growth and change where substance abuse, mental health impairment or legal issues exist. Talbert House offers a broad range of programs designed to improve social behavior and enhance personal recovery and growth. Concentrating its efforts on the Greater Cincinnati area, the organization sustains five areas of focus: Adult Behavioral Health, Community Care, Court and Corrections, Housing and Youth Behavioral Health.

Every Child Succeeds

Founded and based out of Children’s Hospital, Every Child Succeeds works to empower first-time parents of at-risk children. The organization coordinates home visits to families in seven counties in Greater Cincinnati, offering hands-on guidance for building healthy foundations for learning and relationships. Every Child Succeeds focuses on healthy births, good parenting, on-target child development and self-sufficiency.

EDGE Teen Center

Located near Lakota East High School, EDGE Teen Center offers a place for high schoolers to connect with other teens and caring adults. The center is a safe retreat where teens can find a quiet place to study, or participate in social activities, tutoring, mentoring, counseling and life skills courses. EDGE also promotes community service to build self-esteem and improve attitudes.

Boys and Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty

Based in the historic principals of citizenship, faith, and fairness, Boys and Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty seeks to positively influence the youth of our community. Core programs include character and leadership development, education and career development and health and life skills. Students are also exposed to art, sports, fitness and recreation.

West Chester and Liberty residents are not only consumers, but also a generous, kind-hearted community. Whether our personal contributions be large or small, we are certainly more powerful working together. With Change for Charity, our pocket change turns into life changing donations.