Women that wow us.

While growing up, whenever I had to write an essay about the person I admired most, the choice was easy—my mom. I could wallpaper a room with the stories I have written about her.

Mom showed me the value of hard work and sacrifice when she worked three jobs to keep us in our childhood home. She showed me that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams when she enrolled in law school in her mid-40s. She showed me the depth of a mother’s love when she put her children’s happiness even before her own.

My mom provided my greatest inspiration. What woman inspires you?

This May issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is dedicated to the women in our towns that inspire us. There are hundreds of stories of local Women to Watch that we would love to share; it was a difficult task to narrow the list.

The six exceptional women that grace our pages this month represent a variety of achievements, spanning from growing our local nonprofit community to conquering the choppy waters of the San Francisco Bay.

Please reach out to us if you know of an extraordinary area resident we should spotlight in future months.

This May, please take a moment to thank a special woman in your life that has inspired you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Michelle Moody, Publisher


On the cover

Meet our six local Women to Watch: a writer, realtor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, coach and restaurateur. Find their inspiring stories inside. Photography by Masterworks Imaging