What makes a great photograph? We could argue about the philosophies of composition, lighting, exposure and vision, but what about the eye behind the lens?

Rob Wermuth is the man behind the lens for many of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle’s photographs. He shot three of our covers (February, May and June, 2016) and his images have complemented several of our stories since he began working on our team in December, 2015.

Rob, of Masterworks Imaging, has been viewing the world through a camera lens for most of his life. With 23 years experience as a professional photographer and about 2,500 weddings captured by him and his studio team, he has seen it all through a view finder.

A good photographer has an eye for a beautiful shot—how to frame it just right, gauge the light and shadows for the perfect exposure. But Rob has more than just an artistic eye; his heart is behind the lens of his camera. Taking pictures isn’t his hobby; it’s his calling and his life’s work.

It’s the indefinable factors that make a photographer great. Rob has an unparalleled knack for making people feel at ease. When taking pictures on a busy and emotional day, that is no small feat. When we feel comfortable, we are free to be ourselves. Rob’s photographs let personalities show.

With a sixth sense that defies the wedding chaos around him, Rob snaps a photo just at the right second to capture a relationship in a single image: a look of surprise, a falling tear, a spontaneous laugh—he captures moments to remember from a special day.

“When you see the emotion coming to the surface, you have to be ready for the moment,” Rob says, trying to explain the philosophy to which he and his wife and business partner, Michelle Wermuth, subscribe.

“We really believe that there’s a precise moment that the picture needs to be taken. You have to be good at finding that moment. You can’t just hold the button down and hope for the best,” he says.

Sometimes, brides, grooms and their guests hardly know Rob and Michelle are there.

“Over the years, we’ve had brides call us and say, ‘Did you get any pictures? I don’t remember seeing you!’” he says.

“We always use a long lens—a 400 millimeter. Some panicked brides may not remember seeing us there, but we’ll have 500 great candids without getting in the way on their day,” Rob shrugs.

“I like to tell couples, ‘We won’t monopolize your day. We know your wedding day is more about other things than just photography.’”

Rob and his wife, Michelle, understand the value of not just a great wedding day and photos that show it, but a strong marriage. They are quite a team, running a successful business and raising a house full of boys.

Life comes into focus when we get the opportunity to see it from behind Rob’s lens.